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What we do



Owner/ Head Instructor

DNA Hockey Development is a proud affiliate of NHL Shooting coach, Tim Turk Hockey.





All around player development requires both skills and knowledge.  


Coach Dan uses a technique-driven approach to teaching the art of puck control, passing, shooting and scoring. This technique enables players to better maintain total possession of the puck and the ability to release it with optimal power and accuracy. Remember – the other team cannot score when YOU are in control of the puck.  


‘Hockey IQ’ is a collective term that includes: ice awareness, understanding of the game, play anticipation and pattern recognition.  In addition to teaching execution, DNA Hockey Development provides education on situation-specific play options and outcomes.  This knowledge will help empower players with the hockey sense to quickly make the right choices in game situations.


By addressing both the physical and mental aspects of the game, Coach Dan’s progressive training 

helps players to implement their skills on the ice with total confidence.  


Physical and mental preparedness are the key to success!

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